300HR Yin Yang Yoga Teacher Training

Mathieu Boldron & Ashtynne Hudecz at Dharamsala TC
300 hour yoga teacher training Traverse City

300HR Yin Yang

Yoga Teacher Training 2022

In Person + Online Option

Feed your passion for teaching yoga in this 300 HR Yoga Teacher Training .

This 300 HR Yin Yang yoga teacher training is all about embodiment. Create a wealth of knowledge to share with your students all deepening your personal practice. Develop your unique voice to share confidently.

Unlock your potential as a teacher by expanding your knowledge of philosophy, the subtle body, anatomy, biomechanics, intelligent sequencing, pranayama, meditation, inversions, ethical business and more. 

The training includes a 20HR Yin Yoga certification.

Learn to teach powerful yin yoga classes that make an impact on your students.

This training is transformational. Because in order to share with others effectively, you have to fuel yourself first.  Therefore this yoga teacher training is an opportunity to show up for yourself and blossom into your potential. We are honored to support you.

Join us and discover a modern approach to traditional yoga.

300 hr Yoga Teacher Training

Core Curriculum

Advanced Asana

Build strength and flexibility through fun, accessible workshops. Break down postures in asana clinic to understand the biomechanics. Learn to teach advanced asana.


Establish a deep understanding of yoga philosophy in order to share it with ease. In addition learn to seamlessly weave your personal interpretations of yoga text into your classes. Develop self exploration practices that generate jewels of wisdom to share with others. Find embodiment in what you teach.


Familiarize yourself with the full spectrum of unique body structures and how that relates to yoga asana. Observe bodies with awareness of anatomy subsequently providing your students with modifications to prevent injury. Create your own asana clinics and anatomical workshops.

Hands on Assists

Touch is a form of communication that should not be taken lightly. Learn and practice correctional touch, advanced assists, and supportive adjustments in a safe environment. Become accustomed with the different types of demonstrations, therefore ensuring they are clear and concise. Integrate safe partner work into your classes subsequently strengthening and uniting your community.

Teaching methodology + Scripting

Enrich your teaching with rhythmic, clear cuing and intelligent sequencing therefore allowing your unique voice come through. Learn methods and tools to prepare yourself for teaching classes, workshops and intensives. Create effective programs for yourself and others to safely progress towards advanced asana. Develop confidence as you teach to your peers. Subsequently, collect invaluable individual feedback daily.

Energize Yoga at Dharamsala TC

You will also learn:

  • Yin Yoga
  • The Art of Demonstration
  • Inversion Training and Handstand Conditioning
  • Breathing Sequences
  • Use of Props
  • Ethical Business of Yoga & Social Media
  • AcroYoga Foundation
  • Energetic Anatomy + The Subtle Body
  • Mantra Chanting
  • Self Development  + Journaling
  • Yoga Wheel Sequence
300 hr yin yang teacher training


2 weeks per month in the evenings

8 months 

in person or online

Time : 

Tuesday to Friday:  


Saturday Sunday:


UNLIMITED REPLAY ACCESS DURING THE TRAINING to catch up on missing sessions or simply to practice and integrate in between training dates.

300 HR Yoga Teacher Training 2022 Dates

January 18-30 

February 15-27

March 15-27

April 19- May 1

May 17-29

June 21-July 3

July 19- 31st

August 16 – 28

300 hr yoga teacher training

Sample Schedule

TUESDAY 6:45 – 9:15 pm 

6:45-8:15 pm ASANA PRANAYAMA MEDITATION (Hatha or Vinyasa)

8:15-9:15 pm PHILOSOPHY


WEDNESDAY 6:30-9pm




THURSDAY 6:30-9pm




FRIDAY 6:30-9pm




SATURDAY 5-6:30pm



SUNDAY 5-6:30pm


yoga teacher training Michigan

300 hr Yoga Teacher Training


6-MONTH PAYMENT PLAN : $600/month

3-MONTH PAYMENT PLAN: $1200/month


300 hr yoga teacher training

Teaching Team

Mathieu Boldron

Mathieu is a Global Yoga teacher trainer born and raised in Paris France. He has taken over ten yoga teacher training programs around the world and taught over 25 yoga teacher trainings for students and teachers in Europe and Asia.

Mathieu co-owns his Yoga school in Paris “Lomey Yoga” and lives currently in Traverse City with his wife Ashtynne and baby girl Luna.

Mathieu’s class are known to be deep, efficient challenging and fun. He is passionate and positive. You will learn as much about the body mechanic of the poses and breath as the philosophy behind the practice.

Ashtynne Hudecz

Ashtynne started yoga as a way to help manage her emotional and mental health. With consistent practice she experienced a sense of awareness over her body + mind that helped to dissolve destructive patterns. 

Pranayama is emphasized in Ashtynne’s classes as she has found it essential to managing one’s well-being. She dispels the myth that slowing down isn’t powerful.  Students are encouraged to develop and follow their own inner guidance on + off the mat. 

Ashtynne has studied with numerous teachers around the world and continues to nourish her passion for travelling and learning.


Mathieu Boldron’s training is of a very high quality. His teaching is complete, advanced and intelligent. I discovered a sequencing method that will be useful to me in the future. I deepened my knowledge in philosophy, adjustment, alignment but also my personal practice.


Mathieu is an absolute master of his art. he is a walking pool of knowledge with so much talent and I can’t wait to take more of his trainings!


Mathieu is a very talented yoga teacher. He shared so many interesting philosophies, taught us Asana thoroughly, explained anatomy in detail. What’s more is he is caring and inspiring. His breathing exercise and chanting are magical. Highly recommended to study with him if you ever want want to become a yoga teacher or would like to learn more about yoga.


The teacher training under the guidance and knowledge of Mathieu Boldron was an incredible experience. Highly recommended.


Mathieu takes your asana practice to a different level and makes you change the way you perceive movement and the physical practice of Yoga. His philosophy and anatomy classes leave you wanting for more as he’s passionate about sharing his vast knowledge. Matheiu is a very encouraging teacher who embodies 100% what he is teaching. I finish this 200 YTT with so much more knowledge than I could ever have hoped for. While this training has grown my personal Yoga practice, I also have gained in confidence and feel ready to teach. From the first day on we learned to teach, and after many scripting and sequencing exercises, I know where I am going with my teaching. While all his classes are live, he’s also available after hours for feedback or providing answers to your questions. Once I’m ready for the 300hYTT, I definitely plan on doing it with Mathieu again, and in the meantime I hope to participate in masterclasses and workshops with this amazing teacher. Namaste.


Open Hours

Monday 9:30 am -7:45 pm

Tuesday 6:30 am – 7:30 pm

Wednesday 7:30 am – 7:45 pm

Thursday 6:30 am – 7:45 pm

Friday 9:00 am – 12:00 pm

Saturday 8:30 am – 11:30 am

Sunday 9:30 am – 12:00 pm

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