Welcome to Dharamsala TC! We are so glad you are here!

Getting started can seem intimidating if you have never tried yoga, if it has been a while since you practiced, or if you are just visiting a new studio for the first time. So great job in taking the first step!

And, please check in with us before and after your first class. We want to show you around, check in with how you feel after class, and answer any questions you might have. At Dharamsala TC we want you to leave feeing wonderful!

Yoga class at Dharamsala TC

We have two beautiful locations to choose from!

When choosing your class, please double check location. You can choose to search all classes in both locations together, or separate class options by only one location. Please let us know if you have any questions.

301 Front Street, Traverse City

  • Two studio rooms with incredible views of the bay!
  • Locker rooms with keyed lockers
  • Grab a tea and relax before or after class in our cozy welcome area.
  • mats and props available to borrow.
  • Browse our fun boutique.
  • Paid parking on the street or in the parking garage across from the studio.

869 Robinwood Ct, Traverse City

DharamsalaTC Lobby
  • Two studio rooms
  • Trapeze Yoga
  • Grab a tea and relax before or after class in our cozy welcome area.
  • mats and props available to borrow.
  • Browse our fun boutique.
  • Free parking


We are here to help you begin your yoga journey

We appreciate your decision to choose Dharamsala TC to grow and learn. It can feel daunting to enter a new place and acquire new skills. Whether you need help, self-discovery, or a change, we are here for you. Just be yourself; we will assist you to make a smooth adjustment. Trying new movements, breath work, and stillness can be tough. Dharamsala TC ensures a safe space for your journey. Our team is dedicated to helping you feel comfortable in this second home.

Benefits of Yoga

Yoga Community
  • Helps calms the mind
  • Improves concentration
  • Improves strength + flexibility
  • Helps manage stress + anxiety
  • Aids digestion
  • Relaxes you, sleep better
  • More energy + brighter moods
  • Improves balance
  • Increases body awareness
  • Connects you with a supportive community

First Class Tips

  • Arrive early for sign in and orientation.

  • Wear clothing that is comfortable and allows you to move your body in all directions.

Enjoy our Introductory Offer

Sangha Membership  

10% Off Each Month

Approx $134/Mo.

Unlimited Yoga for less than $5 a day!

*Offer available same day of first visit only.

Namaste Membership

2 Additional Classes FREE when you sign up

1st Month Only


*Offer available same day of first visit only.

You can begin your journey with us by signing up and registering on this site or in person.


  • You will be warmly welcomed and informed fully about what to expect by our reception team.

  • You will be given a tour of our space, where to store belongings safely and find our complimentary amenities.

  • Our teaching crew will also be available before class for additional conversation around prior experience and any existing injuries/conditions.

Our priority is that you feel seen and heard in our care.

Tips for a great yoga experience!

  • Chat about your needs and wishes: Our team helps you find the perfect class based on your interests and preferences.
  • Try all class styles: Balance is key with Yoga. You may find a new favorite.
  • Try different teachers: Different teachers and class styles offer new experiences. Our teachers are highly trained in their backgrounds and all offer you something new to explore.
  • Establish Your routine: Once you have found your flow and the frequency of practice that you prefer; keep going! After a few days, you will get a sense of what classes and styles you are drawn to.


Why Yoga?

Yoga is for everyone. It’s a time to let go of the outside world as you connect your mind and body, letting go of stress and worries. It’s learning tools for taking this peacefulness off the mat into the world, bringing a sense of calm to yourself and those around you.

What Should I Bring?

A yoga mat (or borrow one of ours) and water bottle. If you have other props, please feel free to bring those to class or borrow from the studio. We also offer a variety of props for purchase to use both in class and for your home practice. Please ask if you are unsure what props you might need for a particular class.

What Should I Wear?

Comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely.

I’m not very flexible, but I’d love to try yoga. What do you recommend?

You do not need to be flexible to practice yoga. Yoga is a system of movement and meditation with many benefits. It may help you improve your flexibility over time— as well as your strength, your balance, your body awareness, your connection to mind and body…the list goes on. Every body is built differently and our teachers are trained to work with students across a broad spectrum of physiques and physical abilities. 

Why Dharamsala TC?

“Dharamsala” literally means “a spiritual dwelling” and in loose translation as a shelter or rest house for pilgrims and travelers.” WikiTravel

Yoga in Traverse City at Dharamsala TC

Why did we choose the name Dharamsala TC?

We love the word’s reference to a shelter, a community gathering and holistic wellness space.  We welcome local residents as well as visitors to our beautiful city.

Dharamsala TC is a space to connect for all ages and abilities – babies, children, teens, families, adults and seniors. It’s a “rest house” where you might share a cup of tea or enjoy a quiet meditation. And while you’re there, connect mind and body through yoga. Or study and learn in an educational workshop or special event.

Dharamsala TC is an oasis, a sanctuary from the busy outside world. Because it’s a space to connect and develop a greater sense of community, we can learn from each other.  Because when we join together we are able to enjoy peace, connection and community.


Two Traverse City Locations!

869 Robinwood Court

319 Front Street

Traverse City, MI 49686


(231) 421-3808

Open Hours

Monday        6:00 am – 7:00 pm
Tuesday        5:30 am – 7:00 pm
Wednesday    6:00 am – 7:00 pm
Thursday       5:30 am – 7:00 pm
Friday            6:30 am – 6:00 pm
Saturday        8:00 am – 11:00 am
Sunday          8:30 am –12:00 pm

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